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The Park Squares


The  park squares are open from dawn to dusk every day, with the exception of properly permitted events.

What are the park rules and regulations for usage?

To ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable visit, the Mount Vernon Place Conservancy has established the following rules and regulations:

      • Please place trash and recyclable items in the appropriate cans
      • Do not litter
      • Dogs must be kept on a leash no longer than 6’ at all times
      • Please clean up behind your pet
      • Please do not allow your pet in the fountains. Pet hair clogs the filters.
      • Wading in the fountains is not encouraged. The fountain water is not chlorinated
      • Please do not feed the wildlife, it attracts rats.
      • No dumping
      • No dirt bikes
      • No skateboards on the sidewalks, marble walls or statue bases
      • No charcoal or gas grills
      • No alcohol, except for events with appropriate permits
      • Organized sports, events, vending, amplified sound & metal detectors require a permit.
      • Commercial photography, or photography intended to promote commercial interests requires a permit.
      • The use of drones, including for photography, in Mount Vernon Place requires a permit. Drone activity is never permitted inside the Monument’s fence or the imaginary cylinder its circumference projects upwards into the sky.
      • Permit holders have priority use of facilities.
      • Protect our trees and marble infrastructure – do not attach any signs or other materials

ANY VIOLATION OF PARK RULES IS A $250 FINE FOR EACH OFFENSE  Officers from the Baltimore City Police Department are responsible for enforcement of the rules and regulations.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the four park squares. Please email or call 410-962-5070 if you have questions.

Have a wonderful visit!

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