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Flower Mart

Flower Mart 2019 is currently planned for Friday, May 3 through Saturday, May 4.

July 31, 2018: Exciting news!

As announced in a press release this morning, the Mount Vernon Place Conservancy will be taking on the management of the annual Flower Mart festival, beginning with the event to take place in May 2019.

By Griffith B. Coale, Baltimore Flower Market – 1915. Courtesy of Rehs Galleries.

Dr. Lance Humphries, Executive Director of the Conservancy, notes of this news:

“Flower Mart is Baltimore’s oldest continuous public festival. While it has changed over the years, we look forward to this opportunity to celebrate and enhance its many cherished traditions.”

Flower Mart was founded in 1911 by the Women’s Civic League, an organization formed to advocate for better living conditions in the City of Baltimore.

A focal point of the original market was to encourage flower, plant, and vegetable gardening in the yards of homes and vacant lots—thereby making them green.

“This is a relevant message today,” says Humphries, “and we plan to make the need for and value of urban green spaces and gardens an important part of our educational activities at Flower Mart.”

Beginning in 2000, Flower Mart at Mount Vernon Ltd. managed the festival. “Since our partnership agreement with the City of Baltimore was signed in 2012,” Humphries notes, “we have worked closely with the event organizers. When they approached us about continuing Flower Mart, we were appreciative of their consideration. In the Conservancy’s role as steward of Mount Vernon Place, this is a good fit.”

Cherished traditions will be honored, with a renewed emphasis on local vendors. There will be flower and food stalls, musical performances, and, of course, Lemon Sticks. “We have been listening to the Mount Vernon community, and envision making the festival a showcase for local and Baltimore vendors.”

Read the Press Release here.

Baltimore Business Journal: Flower Mart, a Baltimore tradition, will have a new organizer in 2019.

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