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Please share your memories about Baltimore’s Washington Monument!  It could be a memory about climbing to the top on a class trip, visiting with your family or loved ones, celebrating a special event at the monument (wedding photographs, etc.)…or just a fun, entertaining memory you have about Baltimore’s Washington Monument.

Did someone in your family work on the Monument originally, or during its recent restoration? Were they one of the Monument’s many “keepers” or “caretakers” through the years? We’d love to hear the recollections you might have heard.

Is the Monument part of your memory of Flower Mart at Mount Vernon Place? Were you here for the snowball fight during the January 2016 blizzard?  Did you get engaged at the top?

You can share your memory by uploading text and photos. 

Feel free to be conversational and to use the first person: “I remember….” If you know the exact date your memory occurred, please include the date in your story, or, if not, some time reference such as “in the early 1970s,” etc.

If you’d like your name to be displayed at the end of your memory, please add however much of it you’d like to appear, and perhaps your city: “Joan Smith, Baltimore,” or “John, Glen Burnie,” etc.

For questions about the project, or to submit your memories via email, please contact Monument@MVPConservancy.org.

  • Please provide your full name, email, phone number, city and state, so we can get in touch with you if we have questions concerning your memory. This information will not be posted publicly.

  • The Mount Vernon Place Conservancy will review all submissions for appropriateness prior to posting them on our website. By clicking on SUBMIT, you authorize the Mount Vernon Place Conservancy (The Conservancy) to publish your memory, including text or photos, to the Mount Vernon Place Conservancy website (MVPConservancy.org). The Conservancy reserves the right to edit material submitted or delete inappropriate material. Contact information such as your email and phone number will not be posted, but may be used to contact you if the Conservancy has questions about your memory.

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