Vision for Future

Recognizing that Mount Vernon Place needed a vision for the future, the Mount Vernon Place Conservancy in 2009 commissioned the world-renowned design firm, OLIN to develop a master plan to restore and revitalize the Washington Monument and park squares.  OLIN is committed to preservation and urban revitalization, and their work includes the Washington Monument grounds in Washington DC, Bryant Park and Columbus Circle in New York, the Midway Plaisance Winter Garden in Chicago, the Stark Sculpture Garden at the Getty Center in Santa Monica, and others as well as a recent commission to redesign the public space in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.


Restored Vision  – South Square

OLIN’s master plan for Mount Vernon Place built on previous community driven initiatives, specifically the Midtown Community Plan (2000) and The Project for Public Spaces report Mount Vernon Place: Rebuilding a Neighborhood (2002), commissioned by the Friends of Mount Vernon Place.

In addition to extensive research into the history of Mount Vernon Place and its design traditions, OLIN documented the current conditions of the monument and four squares and developed a series of recommendations to ensure the longevity of this urban masterpiece for generations to come.  Many of these recommendations addressed much needed infrastructure improvements, sustainability, pedestrian access and safety, increased access for those with disabilities, and strategies to protect the fragile historic fabric and irreplaceable monument and statues.

CHAP has permitted MVPC to proceed with the development of its restoration plan for the Washington Monument and all of the parks’ masonry.  CHAP has also approved the Master Plan as presented in the North and South Squares, while asking for additional study of options for the East and West Squares. As these designs are developed they will go through additional levels of CHAP review.  When fully implemented they will allow Mount Vernon Place to take its rightful place among the world’s most beautiful destinations. Please click below for a summary of these recommendations.

Please click below for a summary of these recommendations.

Adobe-Reader (click icon to download) Vision for the Future

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