“The Washington Monument – in Baltimore? I’m afraid you are mistaken Bobby.”

February 17th, 2016

In the early Autumn of 1967 my family traveled from upstate New York to Baltimore for my maternal grandmother’s funeral. I was a six year old first grader and the only member of my immediate family not born in Baltimore. My paternal grandmother, a lifelong Baltimorean, always made certain there was a day trip to see something of interest when we visited. On this particular occasion, I was loaded into the car for a trip to Mount Vernon to see the Washington Monument. Today, I recall climbing the smooth, narrow marble steps inside the monument, but very little else from that visit to Mount Vernon.

Upon our return home to New York, I took the opportunity during Show ‘n Tell to regale my classmates in Mrs. Allen’s first grade class at Delmar Elementary School with the tale of my trip to see the Washington Monument while in Baltimore. Certain that I was misunderstanding exactly where I’d been while visiting the Washington Monument, Mrs. Allen unsuccessfully attempted to to correct my account to say I was in Washington, D.C. to see the Washington Monument. I can only surmise I was less than willing to agree to Mrs. Allen’s geographical correction since she took the time to contact my parents so I could be advised that my trip to see the Washington Monument would have been to D.C., as that is where the monument to our first president is located. My soon-to-be 88 year old mother recalls Mrs. Allen was not entirely pleased to be told, the six year old kid is correct – he did visit the Washington Monument in Baltimore, Maryland – which is in fact, the FIRST Washington Monument ever dedicated to President Washington.

I don’t recall ever revisiting this issue with Mrs. Allen during the remainder of the school year. The following summer, my family relocated back to Baltimore, the home of the ORIGINAL Washington Monument.

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