February 18th, 2016

During High School and College (1963 – 1971) I would go to Pratt Central Library to do research for various assignments. I looked forward to spending a Saturday on an assignment because I could then spend time at the monument. I would walk to the Buttery for a sandwich and then climb the monument. The effort of the climb made this a destination to be savored. Sitting in one of the openings while eating my sandwich I would try to see how many places and neighborhoods I could recognize. It was possible to see how the neighborhoods blended to make up the city. So many street level differences disappeared. I think that I came to appreciate the special feel and diversity of Baltimore during this time. It was easier to see the city as a whole and not fragmented from the top of the monument. The monument let me slow down and appreciate the special beauty and depth of Baltimore – even the austere industrial and scarred areas added to the multiple layers. I’ve seen Baltimore from the new high rise buildings. They cannot compare to discovering the city as a youth with the fresh breeze blowing through the top of the monument. I will always be grateful for that opportunity.

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