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Our Surprise Wedding at the Top of The Washington Monument

April 1st, 2016

My name is David Morreale. In 2003 I worked for a time serving drinks to customers at The Brewer’s Art, a restaurant in Mount Vernon, Baltimore.

I met Alison Gibbons when she came in for a drink after church one Sunday afternoon in late summer of that year.

We went on our first date on Dec. 4, 2003 and got married on Feb. 22, 2004.

We were both living in Mount Vernon, and I knew on our first date that I was going to marry her. We both felt that the Washington Monument was the right place to get married, so when we talked about eloping, we knew that was where we wanted to do it.

So, we invited our mothers, Susan Gabriel and Annie Cahill, her aunt, Mary Sheridan, her cousin, Erin Sheridan, and my sister, Betsy Morreale to brunch at a local restaurant a block from the monument.

There, over coffee and breakfast, we told everyone assembled that, when brunch was over, we were all walking to the top of the Washington Monument so that Alison and I could be married.

The ceremony was conducted inside the monument, on the east side at the top.

Our mothers still complain that we made them walk all the way to the top for the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we called the families and everyone met in Fell’s Point to celebrate.

As I write this, it is 2016, we are happily married and have two sons. Harlan Andrew Morreale, and Wyatt Edward Morreale. We still live in Baltimore, but will move to the country someday. With any luck, both of our beloved sons are still alive as you are reading this, though they may be hard to find, as we intend to travel and live abroad. If they are present, or if they read about this in whatever passes for a newspaper in the world as it is when this is being read, I hope they know that they were loved beyond measure and that their mother and father fell more in love with one another every day.

I am a schoolteacher and Alison, an accountant. I was a musician for most of my life and became a schoolteacher at the age of 48.

And that’s our story.

David Morreale
Alison Morreale


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