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One of my Favorite Places

April 1st, 2016

My boyfriend James and I moved to Baltimore in 2008, just a few blocks from the monument. We attended every Thursday concert in the park-sipping beer in the grass with friends and letting the dog run around. We never missed a single big floppy hat or lemon stick at the flowermarts. We dug through tons and tons of books with my grandmother during the annual book fairs. And we always enjoyed showing off our neighborhood to visitors by taking them to the Peabody, sneaking into the Engineers Club, and giving them the full history of why George Washington was wearing a toga atop the monument. Some of my favorite memories have happened at picnics, walking tours, and with the smell cherry blossoms all under the shadow of the monument. These types of memories have given us a deep love for not only the monument, but for Baltimore City.

February 26th, my best friend and I used the day to check off a few “to-do” boxes for sites around the city. On the list- walk the monument. It was quite a hike, but waiting for me at the top was James, who left work early to surprise me. He was standing there with our song playing in the background and a sunflower in his hand. We danced, took in the views; then he got down on one knee and asked if I would be his wife.

The monument will forever be one of my favorite places.

James and Brandi, Baltimore City


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