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October 6, 2011 – The day we met

May 28th, 2016

It was a pleasant fall evening, and I had left work a little early to enjoy the last First Thursday concert of the year at Mt. Vernon Place. I was standing next to the fountain enjoying my beer and the music while waiting for my friend who was very late. I saw a boy sitting on the fountain edge. His pant leg was rolled up having just arrived on a bike, and he was eating a burrito. I noticed that he saw me see him, but I went back to enjoying the music without giving it much thought. He was likely meeting friends there, as most people do. Not long after we noticed each other, he approached me and used his gift of gab to introduce himself as Evan Hughes. I found out later that he was inspired to approach me because I had apparently played with my hair, reminding him of a song by the Streets. We immediately connected and spent the rest of the concert together. We ended the evening with a cupcake and an exchange of numbers. Our story continues today as husband and wife, beginning our family in Baltimore. I am so thankful for that lovely evening in the park that so perfectly set up the story of us.

By the fall of 2011 I had been living in Charm City long enough to know it was no misnomer. So much soul in one place can lead you by your nose if you let it. It was just such a flight of fancy that brought me to the square at Mt Vernon that October day. I had been going to First Thursday concerts as long as I’d known that the local radio station invites musicians to haunt the place once a month while the weather is fair. I was initially disinclined to stir from my home in Riverside that evening. But hey, it was the last chance that year to sit among the grand trees and neat buildings that line the narrow park. I had assumed that was the only chance of the evening I would seize. Until I saw her. Rhonda Meitl, was standing not ten paces from my makeshift seat on the fountain. I didn’t know that was her name at the time, or that she was a transplant, brought to Baltimore from fields afar just as I was. Or that she was a person entirely sweet. I didn’t know how good it would feel to hold her hand in a week’s time. I didn’t know that in a year’s time, my best friends would ask me when I was going to marry her, or that we would in fact, marry. And I certainly didn’t know that within four years of walking up to her that evening, we would fall so completely in love with our blue-eyed baby girl named Vera. But that was all before I walked up to her.

Rhonda and Evan Hughes

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