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A Series Of Monumental Moments

July 13th, 2016

My name is Sabrina G. but that wont be for long…….
This is all in part thanks to the magical memories at the Washington Monument and Mt. Vernon Park. In 2010 we moved to a tiny apartment we called our family maker home at the corner of the west park. We spent many afternoons having picnics and enjoying the festivals. When our daughter was born we would often come to the park to picnic and play, we even had our first family photo shoot there despite having moved further up Charles street. Every year as part of our tradition we go to the monument lighting and, for us, it officially marks the beginning of the Christmas season. In 2013, my boyfriend proposed to me on the north end of the park during the monument lighting as the fireworks were firing off. A truly unforgettable moment in my life. In 2015 we went to the monument’s bicentennial and for my birthday got to climb all the way to the top as a family (the view of our city is truly something to witness). Through the years, we have given the parks our own nicknames and they have come to form an important part of our family. This year we will be married in what we affectionately know as wedding park (the south park). Our family started at the west park and has evolved just as the park has through the years. As we take our love through the next stage I could not think of a place more fitting to celebrate. Mount Vernon square is such a special place and I can’t wait to make more memories there as we grow!


The picture I shared was taken by our daughter last year when the park was blossoming.

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