A divorced Dad’s Guide to Entertaining Children, 1975-77

February 17th, 2016

My Mom and Dad were separated when I was 4 years old in 1975 and my Dad got an apartment in Mt. Vernon on Biddle Street . His apartment had wooden floors, a huge claw foot tub and the back door opened into a private stone courtyard. Both of my parents were super broke and my Dad, Don Shacochis, had weekend custody of me. Looking for cheap and free things to do around Baltimore included feeding the ducks at the inner harbor, touring the shark submarine, going to the Zoo including the reptile house and climbing the Washington Monument. The Monument in the mid 1970’s was open like a park from dawn til dusk.[…] We would practice counting while climbing the 227 steps to the top. The Baltimore monument was my practice to climb the larger version in Washington D.C. eventually. My father and I enjoyed walking in the parks along Charles street and he would let me roller skate in the parks near Peabody and Mercy Hospital. We enjoyed the Peabody book store, owned and operated by a very eccentric man and eating pancakes at the Buttery Restaurant along side some colorful working people living in the city. I loved visiting with my Dad in Mt. Vernon and watching the bats come out after dark in the summer swarming around the top of the Washington Monument, feeding the pigeons in the park near Peabody and walking to the inner harbor from his apartment on Biddle Street to feed the ducks.

-Cole shacochis Edwards

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